Training & Knowledge: Christopher Geering

27th Feb 2020Articles

The importance of giving reasons

R. (on the application of Lewis) v Senior Coroner for North West Kent [2020] 2 WLUK 180 This recent judicial review highlights the importance of a coroner providing reasons when a particular conclusion is not left to the jury. The deceased suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and was placed under psychiatric care. From 2016 she began […]

27th Feb 2020Articles

The poison pen letter

Soni v General Pharmaceutical Council [2020] EWHC 348 (Admin) Patient A attended a pharmacy, seeking the morning after pill. She alleged Mr Soni, an experienced pharmacist of many years, discussed the medication with her but then physically examined her breasts. Prior to the hearing it emerged that Patient A had instructed solicitors with a view […]

19th Feb 2020Newsletters

Safeguarding and extending time limits

BB v Disclosure and Barring Service (extension of time) [2019] UKUT 366 (AAC) The Disclosure and Barring Service’s (“DBS”) public function runs in parallel with that of our medical regulatory bodies. It exercises its brutal binary function, barring or not barring professionals from working with children and vulnerable adults, without anything in between. It does […]

7th Aug 2019Articles

Unprecedented: Adverse Inferences in Regulatory Proceedings

R (Kuzmin) v General Medical Council [2019] EWHC 2129 (Admin) In a dramatic new development, the Divisional Court has ruled that a tribunal is entitled to draw an adverse inference from a registrant’s refusal to give evidence. Dr Kuzmin is accused of dishonestly failing to tell his employer of certain interim conditions. He provided a […]

30th May 2019Newsletters

R (Maughan) v Senior Coroner for Oxfordshire [2019] EWCA Civ 809:

Suicide, Unlawful Killing and the Standard of Proof During the inquest into the death of Mr Maughan, an inmate at HMP Bullingdon, the coroner ruled that there was insufficient evidence upon which the jury could reach a short form conclusion of suicide. However, he posed three questions for the jury to answer as part of […]