Training & Knowledge: June 2018

14th Jun 2018Newsletters

The Duty to Report Foreign Misconduct Findings

In February the Court of Appeal handed down its judgment in the case of Lee v General Medical Council [2018] EWCA Civ 99. Susan Lee was a registered medical practitioner in Singapore and the United Kingdom. Proceedings were brought against her in Singapore for charging excessive fees. In July 2012 she was found guilty of […]

14th Jun 2018Newsletters

Without Notice, Without Merit: how far would you go for your client?

Introduction On 26th April 2018, the Administrative Court handed down judgment in Vay Sui Ip v Solicitors Regulation Authority [2018] EWHC 957 (Admin).  The Administrative Court refused Mr Ip’s appeal against the SRA’s orders for strike off and costs (£10,000) for, essentially, ‘gaming the system’ in immigration proceedings, and for making ‘totally without merit’ applications. […]

14th Jun 2018Newsletters

Dr G Arunachalam v GMC [2018] EWHC 758 (Admin): Can a Doctor Escape Erasure for Repeated Sexual Misconduct?

Dr Arunachalam appealed against his erasure by a Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal for sexually motivated misconduct against two colleagues. One, Dr A, was pestered by over-familiar messages from the Registrant which she ascribed to a deluded belief on his part that there was more than a professional relationship between them. She initially tried to deal with […]

14th Jun 2018Newsletters

“If it’s not Written Down, it Didn’t Happen”

Professional discipline proceedings very often raise the question: on what evidence can a tribunal infer that a particular omission was made. Allegations are often pleaded in the alternative, in the broad format, “did not do”/“did not record”. Very often the failure to do something is proved by the evidence of a patient, or perhaps by […]

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