Training & Knowledge: September 2017

25th Sep 2017Newsletters

GMC v Theodoropoulos [2017]EWHC 1984(Admin)

 In its second appeal, the GMC successfully challenged the finding of no impairment in relation to dishonesty  Following the GMC’s first successful appeal in GMC v Jagjivan, in June the High Court handed down its judgment in a second appeal: GMC v Theodoropoulos [2017]EWHC 1984(Admin). This case involved an allegation of dishonesty against a consultant […]

25th Sep 2017Newsletters

The Impact of an Interim Order on Sanction

An interim order is a crucial part of the assessment of proportionality when it comes to sanction Until recently, one of the most frustrating things for registrants facing sanction was that no account was taken of how long they had been on an interim order. A registrant who had been suspended or under conditions for […]

25th Sep 2017Newsletters

General Medical Council v Jagjivan & PSA [2017] EWHC 1247 (Admin)

The High Court considered the jurisdiction of the GMC to bring appeals, and proved willing to overturn perverse findings of fact  The GMC chose Dr J’s case as the first appeal it brought with its new powers of appeal. Dr J was employed as a cardiology Registrar. At a consultation with a 27-year old patient […]

25th Sep 2017Newsletters

Doherty v NMC [2017] EWCA Civ 1344

The test for registration should not be confused with the test a strike off in Fitness to Practise proceedings Ms Doherty first registered with the NMC in 1992. In February 2013 she received a conviction for drink driving (her second in five years). She disclosed this conviction in her registration renewal application that autumn. Her […]

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