Training & Knowledge: March 2015

27th Mar 2015Articles

How Safe A Haven Is The United Kingdom?

States are bullies. Sometimes the bullies have to be tamed and occasionally an alleged bully seeks refuge in the United Kingdom. There is no doubt that at the present time the United Kingdom is developing and applying its regime for implementing international criminal law in respect of serious international crimes including war crimes and torture. […]

27th Mar 2015Articles

The Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2015

In January 2015 the Leveson Efficiency Review made two specific recommendations: “Effective and consistent judicial case management require the court robustly to manage its work. To that end, all parties must be required to comply with the Criminal Procedure Rules and to work to identify the issues so as to ensure that court time is […]

27th Mar 2015Articles

The Court Of Appeal Threatens More Loss Of Time Orders For Hopeless Appeals

Practitioners considering whether to advise their clients to appeal against conviction or sentence should be more wary of loss of time orders, according to an analysis for 2 Hare Court. Judging by the number of cases in 2014, the Court of Appeal is engaged in another attempt to dissuade would-be appellants from renewing before the […]

27th Mar 2015Articles

Judge Alone Trials: Time For Change?

For many years there has been debate in legal quarters as to whether a defendant’s right to elect a trial by a jury of his peers should be fettered. This issue was most recently considered by the President of the Queen’s Bench Division, Sir Brian Leveson, in his Review of Efficiency in Criminal Proceedings, published […]

27th Mar 2015Articles

Proposed Reforms To Pre-Charge Police Bail

On the 18th December 2014, the Home Secretary Theresa May, stated that in March 2014 she had asked the College of Policing to look at the way that the police managed pre-charge bail. She had identified that complex investigations require a considerable amount of time, a balance had to be struck between that and the […]

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