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26th Jun 2023News

Acquittal for Sallie Bennett-Jenkins KC in sexual assault case against a counsellor

An allegation of sexual assault was made against a therapist who had overtreated over 900 individuals in the course of a long career in counselling. The complainant alleged that photographs were taken of her torso and that she was touched by the defendant on her back. The prosecution case was that the allegation occurred in […]

27th Mar 2023News

Acquittal for Sallie Bennett-Jenkins KC in historic sexual allegations case

A prosecution arising from an alleged teenage sexual relationship between a 17 year old boy and two 15 year old girls, resulted in acquittal on all 12 counts. No allegation was made by the complainants for over 18 months after the alleged events; the investigation took 18 months before the CPS authorised charges for rape, […]

20th Jan 2023News

R (on the application of City of York Council) v AUH and others and R (Birmingham City Council) v BIY and ARA Episode II – The Return of the Local Authorities

Sallie Bennett-Jenkins KC and Daniel Chadwick appeared for BIY Lewis MacDonald appeared for ARA   In October 2022 the Court of Appeal ruled in the first instalment of conjoined appeals from preparatory hearings about the power of local authorities to prosecute consumer offences ([2022] EWCA Crim 1113], summarised by Richard Heller here. The Court, in […]