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22nd Oct 2018News

Narita Bahra and Harry Bentley Secure Acquittal for Client Charged with Multi-Million Pound Conspiracy to Manufacture, Import, Export and Distribute Anabolic Steroids (Class C drugs)

Narita Bahra and Harry Bentley secure acquittal for client charged with multi-million pound conspiracy to manufacture, import, export and distribute Anabolic Steroids (Class C drugs). Arrests were made after the large volumes of drugs were seized at a London airport. This prosecution resulted from a growing epidemic of anabolic steroid use among image-obsessed young people. […]

9th Aug 2018News

Narita Bahra Secures Acquittal for Javon Roach in Jeweller Murder

Following a 4 week trial at Birmingham Crown Court, Narita Bahra‘s client Javon Roach was cleared of his involvement in the murder of 74 year old jeweller Ramniklal Jogiya. Mr Jogiya was abducted whilst walking home from his jewellery shop on 24th January by Roach and 3 other men namely Thomas Jervis, 24, and Charles […]

13th Jun 2018News

Narita Bahra appears on BBC Radio 4 to discuss Disclosure Failings

Narita Bahra appeared on Sarah Montague’s BBC Radio 4 News last week to discuss the increasingly concerning issue of disclosure failures. Narita has been involved in numerous high profile cases where disclosure been an issue and resulted in the collapse of the case. In a human trafficking case Narita and the defence team were only […]