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14th Jun 2018Newsletters

Professional Discipline Summer Newsletter

The impact of GMC v Bawa-Garba continues to be felt throughout the healthcare sector. The Williams review looks set to reopen the debate on the proper approach to regulation. Lewis Macdonald considers whether the recommendations go far enough. Meanwhile Ben Rich analyses the appeal of Dr G Arunachalam v GMC: even repeated sexually inappropriate behaviour […]

7th Jun 2018Newsflash

Sentencing company Directors

The Sentencing Council has today published the Definitive Guideline for Breach Offences which includes, for the first time, a guideline for sentencing in cases where disqualified directors have acted in breach of their disqualification. The Guideline arrives following a long period of consideration post consultation. The consultation opened in October 2016 and closed as long […]

17th Apr 2018Newsletters

Crime Group Spring Newsletter

Welcome to the Spring edition of the 2 Hare Court Crime Group Newsletter which we hope will provide you with a helpful summary of the Sentencing Council’s recent Guidelines on sentence as well as two recent CACD judgments on modern slavery and consent as a defence to assault. Naeem Mian QC provides an overview of […]

15th Mar 2018News

Tax Spring Newsletter

Welcome to the Spring Edition of the 2 Hare Court Tax Newsletter. This edition of the newsletter includes a detailed analysis of the important disclosure decision of Smart Price Midlands Ltd by Leon Kazakos and, in particular, its implications for the Revenue and Taxpayers alike in future cases. The Head of 2 Hare Court’s Tax Team, […]

11th Jan 2018News

Crime Team Winter Newsletter

A Note from the Editor: Welcome to the Winter Edition of the 2 Hare Court Crime Group Newsletter. In July the Court of Appeal heard the case of Steven Ray, which brought before it the householder’s defence under s.76 Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 as amended. Brian O’Neill QC and Ben Rich consider whether […]