Oliver Glasgow KC

Oliver Glasgow KC

"Oliver is First Senior Treasury Counsel. He is a class act. His memory is phenomenal, his command of facts is second to none, he is a first class lawyer and advocate. Forceful, direct and devastating. An opponent to be feared in court but a gent outside. Oliver is at the very top of his game."

Legal 500 UK
Year of call: 1995 KC: 2016
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Public Prosecution

In serious and organised crime his areas of expertise include, murder, firearms and terrorism.

  • He has appeared as sole or leading counsel in cases at first instance and in the Court of Appeal.
  • He regularly advises and acts for the Attorney General and Solicitor General on cases of general public importance.
  • His appointment as Treasury Counsel has seen him instructed in some of the highest profile prosecutions to take place in recent years.
  • He has advised individuals and companies on private prosecutions concerning a wide range of criminal offences.
  • He is DV cleared and has advised and acted for the Security Services, the MoD and the government in cases of national security.
  • Solicitors have praised him for his “hard working and fearless” approach and Chambers UK comments upon “his evident prowess on the criminal side”.


R v Aristote Yenge & Others

The defendants were prosecuted for a gang killing that was the culmination of a rivalry over the lucrative drugs’ trade in Ipswich. It was the largest case of its kind prosecuted by CPS East of England and ran for 5 months.

R v Kareem Lashley-Weekes & Others

The defendants were prosecuted for the murder of a rival that was part of an escalating cycle of tit for tat violence between two gangs in East London.

R v Desmond Silva

The defendant murdered his ex-girlfriend and tried to excuse his actions as being the result of the PTSD that he suffered following various tours with the Fusiliers.

R v Rochaan Cookhorn & Others

The defendants were convicted of the senseless robbery and murder of a young Portuguese student who had travelled to this country to support his family.

R v Kirill Belorusov

The defendant was convicted of the brutal murder of his ex-girlfriend (a French film producer), whose body he then buried in a shallow grave in her back garden before he played out a detailed deception upon her friends and family by sending messages from her mobile phone that gave the impression she was alive and well.

R v Pryce & Huhne

The defendants (both prominent public figures) were prosecuted for attempting to pervert the course of justice, after it was discovered that the first defendant had accepted speeding points on behalf of her then husband, the second defendant, enabling him to evade disqualification.

R v Constance Briscoe

The defendant was the judge who lied to the police during the investigation into Pryce and Huhne and thereafter provided false documentation in order to deceive the officers who were investigating her conduct.

R v Adebolajo & Adebowale

The defendants were the killers of Lee Rigby, the soldier who was butchered in the street whilst walking to the Woolwich Barracks.

R v Marines A-E

The defendants, who were Royal Marine Commandos, stood trial for the murder of an Afghan insurgent on the battlefield. The Ministry of Defence and the Home Office sought to intervene when the prosecution proposed to release footage of the killing to the media organisations.

R v Ali

The defendant, who was the spokesman for the prohibited organisation “Muslims Against Crusades”, stood trial for the possession and distribution of terrorist material.

“He will do great things.” – Chambers & Partners UK

“His rise to the top is all but certain.” – Chambers & Partners UK

Shortlisted as Criminal Junior of the Year – Chambers & Partners UK

Criminal Junior of the Year – Acquisition International

Commitment to Criminal Law – Acquisition International

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