Nneka Akudolu KC

Nneka Akudolu KC

"Nneka has superb attention to detail and great client care skills."

Legal 500 UK 2022
Year of call: 2002 KC: 2022
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Public Prosecution

Prior to taking Silk, Nneka was a Grade 4 prosecutor and adept at handling cases involving multiple defendants and complex legal issues. She is also on the approved list to prosecute Rape and Serious Sexual Offences and regularly prosecutes both stranger and familial rape cases. Nneka receives instructions from the CPS Complex Case Unit, often involving the prosecution of police officers for a wide range of offences.

Notable Cases:

R v B

Leading Counsel instructed to prosecute a mother accused of violently shaking her 9-month-old daughter causing her a traumatic head injury. The prosecution relied heavily on complicated medical evidence given by of several experts including a Paediatric Neurosurgeon, a Paediatric Ophthalmologist and a Paediatric Radiologist.

R v FL, AL & FI

Leading Counsel instructed to prosecute defendants charged with human trafficking and controlling prostitution for gain. The victim was duped into leaving her home in Romania to come to the UK with a promise of employment at Pandora Jewellery. Within a few weeks of her arrival her identity documents were removed from her and she was put to work as a prostitute. After a 4-week trial at the Birmingham Crown Court, all three defendants were convicted of Conspiracy to arrange or facilitate the travel of persons within the UK with a view to exploitation and Conspiracy to control prostitution for gain. They were sentenced to 8 years imprisonment.

R v BB

Leading junior instructed to prosecute defendant faced with a multi-count indictment of historic child cruelty and administering a noxious substance with intent. The defendant also faced a catalogue of allegations of serious violence including forcing her then 6 year old daughter to chew broken glass. The defendant was sentenced to a total of 8 years imprisonment.

R v KN

Instructed as Junior alone to prosecute Kadian Nelson who pleaded guilty to the rape and abduction of a 13 year old girl as she walked to school in the Mitcham area of South East London. The abduction was witnessed by another school girl (aged 10), who brought what she had seen to the attention of her older sister. The defendant was then confronted by the witnesses who recorded the encounter with a mobile telephone. He claimed that the complainant was his sister but, undeterred the witnesses continued to follow him. The defendant eventually made off from the scene having heard police sirens approaching and checking into a nearby hotel. The mobile telephone footage was uploaded to social media and immediately went viral. Several people reported the identity of the perpetrator to the police, leading to his arrest. After resolution of lengthy issues surrounding fitness to plead, the defendant entered guilty pleas to rape, kidnap and making a threat to kill.

On the 13th August 2021, he was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

R v DH

Leading junior instructed to prosecute DH accused of rape and assault of his biological daughter. The crown’s case was that he had exploited contact arrangements in order to abuse his daughter. The defendant absconded and left the jurisdiction during the proceedings; an application was then successfully made to proceed against him in his absence.


Junior alone prosecuting KSH accused of rape. The defendant was 17 years old at the time of the offences and had Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. This case involved extensive medical evidence and legal arguments surrounding the admissibility of the defendant’s interviews with the police.

R v TB

Leading junior instructed to prosecute 16 year old TB with rape and false imprisonment. At trial, the defendant claimed that the complainant had consented to sexual intercourse.

R v A

Leading junior instructed to prosecute 5 defendants charged with conspiracy to supply class A drugs in London and in the South East. The case involved substantial cell site evidence and issues revolving around the attribution of numerous mobile telephones.

R v G-C

Instructed as junior counsel to prosecute an allegation of murder where the defendant stabbed her partner in the neck. The defendant claimed that she had suffered a ‘loss of control’ due to years of controlling and coercive behaviour perpetrated upon her by the deceased.

R v R

Junior alone prosecuting a high profile case where the defendant was charged with raping a woman in her 60’s having purported to be premiership footballer Loic Remy.

R v W

Junior alone instructed to prosecute a police officer for an allegation of misconduct in public office. The defendant had stolen several items of lost property, handed in by members of the public. He also failed to send driving licenses of individuals who had received fixed penalties to the DVLA resulting in dozens of licenses not being endorsed and speeding fines cancelled.

R v O

Junior alone prosecuting a stranger rape in Camden park where weapons were used to cause ‘life altering’ injuries to the complainant who remembered nothing of the attack. Identification of the defendant came from CCTV, use of his oyster card at various locations and cell site evidence from the usage of his mobile telephone.

R v A

Junior alone instructed to prosecute a pastor for child cruelty following allegations made by members of the public after witnessing her seriously assaulting numerous children within her congregation.

R v W

Junior alone prosecuting a father charged with multiple counts of raping his two biological daughters. The offences dated back to the 1970’s and only came to light when the defendant was a arrested for an allegation made by his 8 year old granddaughter.

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