Madeleine Wolfe

Madeleine Wolfe

"Madeleine is wonderful. She is an incredibly intelligent, charming and persuasive advocate. Without any doubt, Madeleine is a first class barrister and is a silk in waiting."

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Year of call: 1998
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Criminal Defence

Madeleine defends the most serious of allegations. Her recent trials include murder, attempted murder, rape, possession of firearms, armed robbery and child sexual exploitation. She has built up a particular expertise in cross examining the vulnerable, the very young and the recalcitrant.

Her broad experience in serious crime has led to an expertise and an adept handling of forensic, digital and  medical evidence.

Her rapport with clients and juries is well earned and born out of hard work and good humour.

Notable Cases:


R v C

Junior counsel led by Tim Clarke QC representing a 15 year old who had stabbed 2 young men belonging to a rival gang at a party. He and his 4 co defendants learnt of the rival gang’s whereabouts, armed themselves with zombie knives and machetes, and attacked. They fatally wounded 2  of the gang and seriously harmed others. The case involved complex and sensitive cut throat defences.

R v S

Junior counsel led by Anand Beharrylal QC. S and other members of a gang targeted a lone boy, said belong to a rival county lines drug gang. They tracked him through the streets of Cardiff before cornering him in an alleyway. Here they stabbed him numerous times before fleeing the scene.

Attempted Murder

R v C

Junior counsel representing a 21 year old gang member who had become embroiled in a drug supply street war. He and his co defendants confronted a rival gang on the streets of East London and C almost fatally stabbed the victim to the heart. A vicious cut throat defence was run between the first 3 defendants which meant they had to be separated during the trial.

R v K

Junior counsel representing a young man who attempted to kill in revenge for the murder of his brother. This case involved a large volume of telecommunication evidence and complex medical evidence relating to causation.


R v K

K was prosecuted for an historic campaign of raping 3 young boys whilst he stayed with their family. He had been housed by the family following his illegal entry into the UK. He was alleged to have isolated each child when aged between 4 and 11, and for a period spanning more than a year, seriously sexually abused them.

R v A

Initially representing A alone, Madeleine appeared in a Rotherham child sexual exploitation case. She successfully argued complex legal points that led to the prosecution dropping the case as against one complainant. Later led by Mr Beharrylal QC, she represented A at trial. This was a disclosure heavy case and her analysis of this material enabled her leader to effectively cross examine the 5 remaining victims.

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