Leon Kazakos KC

Leon Kazakos KC

“He is absolutely brilliant”

Chambers UK 2024 (Financial Crime)
Year of call: 1999 KC: 2020
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Prior to taking silk Leon was shortlisted for Crime Junior of the Year 2019 and ranked Band 1 for Crime as a leading individual by Chambers and Partners.

Now in his fourth year in silk he is ranked Band 2 for both General and Financial Crime.

His practice divides into business crime, general crime, regulatory proceedings, tax appeals and police disciplinary work.

In business crime he is instructed to defend across the spectrum of misconduct; from allegations of high value fraud, corruption and misconduct in public office to cheating the public revenue, money laundering, breaches of FSMA, and other related misconduct.

His general criminal practice encompasses homicide (murder and manslaughter), human trafficking and slavery, serious drugs and firearms offences, and serious sexual offending.

His regulatory work spans firearms licensing, breaches of planning notices, wildlife offences (CITES regulations) and some health and safety work.

He provides advice and advocacy in substantial, sensitive and complex cases usually from a pre-charge stage; representing individuals and companies who are under investigation or being prosecuted for serious wrongdoing. He is an accredited advocacy trainer (Lincoln’s Inn), a pupil supervisor and a trained facilitator for advocacy and the vulnerable. Leon lectures and delivers training to solicitors’ and accountancy firms in relation to criminal and regulatory matters, with a particular focus on financial misconduct and money laundering.

Leon is the current Leader of the South Eastern Circuit and Joint Vice Chair of the Kalisher Trust. He is a contributing editor to Butterworths “Fraud Law, Practice and Procedure”, a contributing author in corporate crime to LexisNexis and a contributor to Banks on Sentence.

What others say:

“The level of detail he goes into is amazing – in the matter he handled for us he knew the case better than the prosecution and the jury looked to him.” – Chambers UK 2024 (Crime)

“Thinks outside the box, works super hard for his clients and leaves no stone unturned” – Chambers UK 2024 (Financial Crime)

“His advocacy and presence is incredible.” – Chambers UK 2024 (Financial Crime)

Leon is the advocate’s advocate. He is compelling, lucid and erudite. Not a word is wasted in his written submissions or skeleton arguments and no bad point is ever taken.” – Legal 500 UK 2024 (Fraud Crime)

Leon is very astute and dedicated to achieving good results for his clients. His tremendous advocacy skills, impressive intellect and ability to think strategically mean that he always conducts his cases with elegance and ease.” – Chambers UK 2023 (Financial Crime)

“He is a complete joy to work with for both solicitors and clients.” and “Leon is so bright and is able to grasp complex issues immediately.” – Chambers UK 2023 (Crime)

“Leon is an exceptional barrister. His attention to detail is impeccable, his advocacy is top-notch and his client care is excellent.” – Legal 500 UK 2023 (Fraud Crime)

“A fearless advocate who is excellent both on his feet and on paper.” – Chambers UK 2022 (Crime)

“Judges respect him and his clients feel completely taken care of” – Chambers UK 2022 (Financial Crime)

“Professional and lay clients relate to him easily” – Chambers UK 2022 (Crime)

“Leon is an exceptional barrister and there is no case which he doesn’t fit. His attention to detail is impeccable, his advocacy is top notch and his client care is exceptional.” – Legal 500 2022 (Tier 1 Crime and Financial Crime)

“He works like a machine. Clients love him, he knows the law and he is possessed of good judgement.” “A barrister’s barrister who is really committed and hard-working. He has an easy manner, but underneath it he is hardcore.” – Chambers UK 2021 (Crime)

“A good tactician, enormously hard-working and a very good lawyer.” “He is brilliant and unflappable in the face of adversity.” – Chambers UK 2021 (Financial Crime)

“Tactically smart … He is an exceptional advocate and every client rates him. He never leaves any stone unturned in a case and therefore you know that the case has been prepared as thoroughly as possible meaning it is rare you encounter something you were not expecting. Leon’s strengths undoubtedly lie in the courtroom where he always pitches the tone with the jury perfectly every time” – Legal 500 2021 

“A  well-regarded new silk who is noted for his broad criminal defence practice” – Chambers UK 2020 (Crime)

“He is nothing short of brilliant and his work ethic is second to none. He can approach any offence from murder to fraud and does so with equal brilliance which never falters.” – Chambers UK 2020

“Committed, bright, forward-thinking, tactically astute and incredibly client-friendly, he’s commanding in a courtroom, knows the law inside out and delivers the case in the best way possible.” – Chambers UK 2020 (Financial Crime)

“Excellent at handling very challenging clients.” – Legal 500 2020 (Fraud)

“Shows mastery of the facts.” – Legal 500 2020 (General Crime)

“A class act who is a pleasure to watch” – Chambers UK 2019

“He is very impressive, has a very quick legal mind and understands where the problems are. He has a lovely manner too – in court he’s respectful but firm.” – Chambers UK 2018

“An excellent tactician, he is the hardest-working and most user-friendly barrister solicitors know”- Legal 500 2018

“Particularly good for an underdog who needs someone to fight their corner.” – Legal 500 2016

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