Joshua Carey

Joshua Carey

Year of call: 2015*
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Criminal Defence

Joshua has a solid white collar criminal practice. He has been instructed to defend, separately, in frauds on the MOD and Home Office where there were millions of pounds said to have been defrauded. He has recently accepted instructions in a money laundering where the Defendant was accused of converting criminal property. He brings his unique experience as an accomplished tax practitioner to the criminal sphere to aid his clients. He is often called on to deploy his tax experience to counter allegations made by the Crown that someone has evaded VAT or somehow cheated the revenue. As part of his robust defence of his clients in tax cases he has been able to raise arguments about the manner in which VAT assessments have been made (both in terms of time limits within which they ought to have been made and the value of the assessments).

Given his significant tax background he recently assisted in identifying an appropriate expert for a carbon credit fraud which consequently collapsed because the Crown failed to find an equally qualified expert.

Joshua also undertakes general criminal work which has included the well-publicised case of R -v- SM. This was a case in which he represented a Defendant alleged to have endangered passenger on a railway on the basis that the driver of the train was said to have failed to look sufficiently carefully at the Driver Operated Only monitors prior to pulling away. It was alleged that this failure caused a woman to be dragged along the platform. His client was acquitted after a 4-day trial in under three hours.


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