Gudrun Young

Gudrun Young

"Very effective before the jury. Her closing speech was on the one hand extremely comprehensive but also easily digestible for the jury, who were entertained whilst having the law clearly explained to them. She was also particularly detailed in her preparation and supportive of an anxious client."

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Year of call: 2001
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Criminal Defence

Gudrun is a highly specialised and experienced criminal defence advocate with a practice that encompasses the full spectrum of offences including murder, non-fatal violence, organised crime, money-laundering, fraud, confiscation and large scale drug conspiracies.  In recent years she has appeared in a large number of murder and manslaughter cases of the utmost gravity and complexity.

She has particular expertise in conducting serious sexual cases, acting as both leading and junior counsel. She is very experienced in complex matters involving children and vulnerable witnesses and cases involving allegations of institutional and historic sexual abuse and is particularly sought after in this field.

Gudrun has also written about and lectured extensively on the subject of sexual offences.

A large amount of her work involves scientific and expert evidence requiring extensive knowledge and expertise of DNA, fibres, pathology, neuropathology, psychiatric issues and psychology.  She has great skill and experience in cases involving mental health issues and expert evidence.


R v Mark Acklom (2019)

Gudrun was leading counsel on behalf of  “career conman” Mark Acklom, accused of a romance fraud in which he defrauded a woman out of her life savings in 2012.  Having fled the country he was placed on the National Crime Agency’s “Top 10 Most Wanted List”. He was extradited from Switzerland to the UK in 2019.  The case attracted widespread media attention and the defendant is the subject of an in depth Sky documentary.

R v Paul Cane (2019)

Paul Cane was accused of attempted murder following a stabbing that took place in the course of an argument during which the victim was stabbed 5 times in the back.  He was acquitted of attempted murder but convicted of section 18 causing grievous bodily harm.

R v Carl Carolan & Ors (2019)

A multi-handed conspiracy to defraud worth over £1 million

R v JA (2019)

Gudrun was junior counsel to David Whittaker QC.  They successfully defended a young man accused of attempted murder following a group attack upon a passerby during which he was stabbed multiple times.

R v Mark Calvert-Eliot (2019)

The attempted “mercy killing” of the defendant’s elderly mother who had suffered a catastrophic stroke 5 years previously.

R v Miranda Yardley (2019)

Gudrun successfully defended a trans woman accused of “transgender hate crime” in relation to a social media exchange between her and Helen Islan, who works on behalf of the controversial charity Mermaids.  Helen Islan alleged that the defendant was guilty of harassing her by potentially exposing her and her transgender child to bullying and abuse.  The Judge ruled that there was no case to answer on the basis that there was no harassment and issues of freedom of speech enshrined in Article 10 of the ECHR were engaged.

Giuliana Kendal v Linda Bellos (2018)

Gudrun successfully defended Linda Bellos OBE, a leading feminist and anti-racist campaigner in a private prosecution brought by a trans woman who accused her of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour contrary to section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986.  This related to a speech that Linda Bellos OBE gave at a political meeting to debate proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act 2004.  Following detailed representations that the prosecution was effectively an attempt to silence an ideological opponent, the CPS took over the prosecution and discontinued it. 

R v KA (2018)

Successfully defended Dr K, a trainee GP charged with one count of assault by penetration and six counts of sexual assault.  He was alleged to have assaulted four different women over a nine week period.  All of the allegations related to what the Crown said were “unnecessary” intimate examinations performed in the course of patient consultations.  He was unanimously acquitted of all counts by the jury. Gudrun is currently representing him before the General Medical Council in related proceedings.

R v PM (2018)

Successfully defended a well-known photographer accused of various counts of sexual assault said to have been committed against aspiring models and actresses in the course of professional photoshoots.  He was unanimously acquitted of all counts after two separate trials.   The case was extensively reported in the press.

R v Melia Kaya (2018)

Represented a young woman accused of causing death by dangerous driving as a result of a collision in which her younger sister was killed in an extremely sensitive and difficult case that was widely publicized.

R v Ronald Jones (2018)

Successfully defended a grandfather accused of historic familial child sex offences.

R v Patrick Brooks & Ors (2018)

Several defendants charged with the grooming, systematic abuse and rape of a vulnerable 12 year old girl with severe learning difficulties and autism.   The complainant had to be cross-examined very sensitively and carefully through an intermediary.  Gudrun’s client was the only one to be acquitted.

R v Sothilingham & Ors (2017)

Multi-handed murder involving a complicated history of gang violence between rival Tamil gangs in London, culminating in a brutal attack in a car park involving machetes, samurai swords and axes.  The defendant was acquitted of murder following a two month trial at the Central Criminal Court.

R v Stephen Watts (2017)

Successfully defended a man accused of multiple accusations of familial rape and abuse said to have been committed 50 years ago.

R v David Regan (2017)

The defendant was a respected and successful solicitor specialising in family law who was arrested following links to a notorious paedophile ring . He was accused of a large number of offences relating to the possession and distribution of images of such abuse, described in court as the most horrific and disturbing case of its kind.

R v Fen Chen & Ors (2017)

A large-scale conspiracy to launder money involving Chinese and Albanian criminal gangs involved in criminal activity on an international scale. The gang were arrested following several months of surveillance culminating in a two week period during which over £1.8 million was paid into dozens of High Street banks.  Benhadir Shabani whom Gudrun represented was the only defendant to be acquitted.

R v Fiona Smith (2017)

A prison officer accused of misfeasance in a public office who was acquitted at trial, having been told by a judge that she had “no defence”, following the uncovering of the fact that documents used to incriminate her had been tampered with by her employers.

Osman Ahmed v R (2017)

Appeal against conviction (leave having been refused by the Single Judge) on the basis that the defendant had been negligently represented at his first trial.   The case raised complex issues of law concerning legal professional privilege and adverse inferences.  The conviction was quashed and the appellant was subsequently acquitted at his re-trial.

R v Robert Meekoms (2016)

 Successfully represented a man accused of historic sexual offences allegedly committed against his daughter who suffered from severe learning difficulties and autism.

R v Adam Johnson (2016)

Junior Counsel on behalf of Sunderland and England footballer, Adam Johnson at his trial on two charges of sexual activity with a child, relating to an incident between him and a 15 year old fan.  Following a 3 week trial at Bradford Crown Court he was unanimously acquitted of the most serious charge, but convicted of a lesser charge of digital penetration. The case attracted widespread publicity in the national and international press.

R v Blaga & Ors (2015)

Multi-handed case involving numerous individuals alleged to be part of a large-scale, sophisticated criminal organisation trafficking women from Hungary to work as prostitutes in brothels throughout the United Kingdom.

R v Mirga & Ors (2015)

Multi-handed “grooming” case involving a gang who targeted vulnerable children in the Peterborough area and committed numerous offences of rape, forced prostitution and sexual assault upon a large number of girls, including one with significant learning difficulties.  Represented one of the few defendants to be acquitted, who himself had learning difficulties and required the use of an intermediary.

R v Jones & Jones (2015)

Successfully represented a mother accused of complicity in horrific allegations of sexual abuse said to have been committed by her husband.

R v Vernon Quaintance (2015)

Historic allegations of abuse by multiple complainants against a senior figure within the Catholic Church dating back 40 – 50 years.

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