Gavin Irwin

Gavin Irwin

"He's very cerebral and intelligent, fantastically good on detail, and he gets his head round voluminous amounts of material. He's also a very good advocate." "He is always well prepared, has a lot of experience, and his presentation of cases is excellent."

Chambers UK 2021
Year of call: 1996
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Having acted for various requesting states, eg. the USA in Welsh and Thrasher and the Russian Federation in Temerko (not to mention numerous European judicial authorities) Gavin’s extradition practice has focused on defending individuals charged with, or convicted of, serious offences including murder, terrorism and fraud.

Gavin has recently:

  • prevented the extradition to Germany of a UK national for tax evasion offences
  • prevented the extradition to the Czech Republic of a businessman charged with offences arising from a lost weekend in Prague
  • prevented the extradition to Romania of an individual whose conviction was obtained on inadmissible communications covertly intercepted by the Romanian Intelligence Services
  • prevented the extradition to UAE of the director of an aviation business

In addition, Gavin acted in the first ever extraditions to Peru (a series of accusation cases involving significant drug trafficking) and in extradition proceedings brought by Spain for the largest shipment of cocaine ever to be intercepted in European waters.

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