News Criminal Defence 20th Jan 2023

Nneka Akudolu KC’s client found not guilty of murder

Nneka’s client, Jay Byrne pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Christopher Molloy who died from traumatic brain injuries on the 19th July 2022. The prosecution did not accept that plea and he was therefore tried for murder along with his brother Joseph and a teenager who at the time was only 14 years of age. Christopher Molloy had been walking alone along Strand Road in Bootle, Merseyside when he was forcefully punched by Joseph Byrne rendering him immediately unconscious. The teen then slapped Mr Molloy repeatedly and walked away. He returned moments later with Jay Byrne; both Jay Byrne and the teen then kicked Mr Molloy to the head. The events were all captured on CCTV, which also showed Jay Byrne and the teen emptying Mr Molloy’s pockets. The prosecution case involved very complicated medical evidence presented by a Neuropathologist and a Consultant Forensic Pathologist. Both conceded that the kick delivered by Jay Byrne was unlikely to have caused any of the intracranial injuries. Nneka’s client was the only defendant who chose not to give evidence. He was found not guilty following a 2 week trial at the Liverpool Crown Court

Nneka was instructed by Stuart Nolan, Managing Director at David Phillips & Partners.

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