News 26th May 2022

Chambers announces the death of Mike Logsdon

We are deeply saddened to announce the loss of Mike Logsdon, who passed away on Friday 20th May 2022.

Mike joined Chambers as a pupil in 1988.  He soon became a part of a formidable team of junior tenants, sharing a room for many years at 1 Hare Court with Sallie Bennett-Jenkins and Mike Holland.

In addition to being a wonderful advocate whether defending or prosecuting, Mike was cherished for his energy, his piercing wit, and his love of life both within and outwith the Bar.  Mike’s typical modesty extended to his significant sporting prowess, without which the fate of the Chambers’ cricket team during the 1990s would undoubtedly have been very different.

He battled valiantly but discreetly when struck by serious illness which ultimately led to his premature retirement from practice.

Mike was a true friend to us all and will be remembered with immense fondness.

Details of the arrangements for his funeral will follow.


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