News Criminal Defence 20th Apr 2022

Martin Heslop QC’s client aquitted of Murder at Manchester Crown Court

Martin S Heslop QC represented defendant XW who was acquitted of all charges, including murder and manslaughter, in a gangland murder trial at Manchester Crown Court. After a five week trial, all of the other three defendants were convicted of murder.

The case involved a knife attack upon a 16 year old deceased who was stabbed to death in the Moss Side area of Manchester. The prosecution case was that he was pursued to his death, firstly in motor cars driven at high speed, causing the deceased to crash and then on foot until he fell and was stabbed to death. Four defendants were charged with murder on a joint enterprise basis, either by actually attacking the victim and killing him or by encouraging and/or assisting the attack. MSH’s client was the third out of four defendants.

Martin successfully argued to the jury that the prosecution had failed to prove whether by forensic, cell-site or CCTV evidence, that his defendant had participated in the killing and he was acquitted by the jury who convicted the other three defendants.

Counsel was instructed by Adelle Duffy and John Mitchell at Mitchells Solicitors LLP.


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