News Public Prosecution 16th Dec 2021

Nneka Akudolu prosecutes defendant convicted in poisoning case

The defendant faced a multi-count indictment of historic child cruelty and administering a noxious substance with intent.

On multiple occasions the defendant had used a mixture of scotch bonnet peppers, chilli powder and ginger and inserted the substance into the genitals of her daughter when she was between the ages of 5- 15 years. The prosecution called a Cultural Expert, Dr Afua Imoh who specialises in child-rearing practices in West Africa. Dr Imoh gave evidence about the prevalence of the use of vaginal suppositories as a form of punishment in Ghanaian communities in the 1970s and 1980s.

The defendant also faced a catalogue of allegations of serious violence including forcing her then 6 year old daughter to chew broken glass.

The defendant was sentenced on the 15th December to a total of 8 years imprisonment.


Nneka was instructed by Ade Olojo & Jonathan Efemini of CPS London.

Press Coverage:  Evening Standard


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