News Criminal Defence 2nd Feb 2021

Leon Kazakos QC and Merry van Woodenberg’s client acquitted of murder and manslaughter

Leon Kazakos QC leading Merry van Woodenberg, instructed by Cameron Snodgrass of Murrays Partnership, represented X – a 16 year old boy with substantial developmental difficulties – at his trial for the murder of Clinton Evbota.

X was accused of ‘joint enterprise’ participation in a gang attack by seven youths on an estate in South East London, and was 14 years old at the time of the stabbing.  He was also accused of ordering some of the weapons used in the attack, and of disposing of evidence afterwards. Whilst he admitted that he was present on the night of the killing he denied participation in the fatal stabbing. The case involved the close analysis of CCTV, cross examination of forensic pathologists and clinical psychologists, and legal argument to obtain for X the assistance of an intermediary for the duration of the trial. X was acquitted of murder and of manslaughter following an eleven week trial.

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