News Criminal Defence 2nd Dec 2020

Narita Bahra QC instructed to defend in a Drill Rap Murder

Narita Bahra QC was instructed to defend in a murder trial where the prosecution sought to rely upon a Drill Rap which they alleged amounted to a factually accurate account of events which occurred before and after a fatal stabbing

The prosecution sought to rely upon an expert to interpret the drill rap. Post cross examination it transpired that the expertise of the prosecution expert was limited to linguistic interpretation of urban slang. The defence identified and instructed an expert who  specialised in policing and criminalisation of black music subcultures, the rap on trial project and in particular grime and drill music. It became clear, post challenge, that drill lyrics can be fact, fiction or a combination of both. However, it would be unsafe to rely upon the lyrics as factually accurate.

Drill rap has a growing appeal with millions of YouTube hits. It’s criminalisation is a highly topical issue, such the case of Digga D here.

Those who are charged with offences need to ensure that their legal team understand the provenance and background to rap and are able to mount a proper legal challenge to the material, to ensure that it is not given adverse weight.

Read more about the case here.

Narita was instructed by Senior Partner, Parmjit Singh at ZMS Solicitors.

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