News Public Prosecution 5th Nov 2020

Nneka Akudolu secures unanimous convictions in three consecutive rape trials

In August, Nneka Akudolu prosecuted 16 year old TB at the Inner London Crown Court. TB was charged with rape and false imprisonment. He met the complainant on Peckham High Street and invited her to his home address during the early hours of the morning. The address he in fact took her to belonged to his elderly grandfather who did not question their attendance. Shortly after arriving, the complainant was forced into the bathroom of the address and raped at knifepoint. The defendant refused to allow her to leave until she washed his DNA from her clothing and promised she wouldn’t ‘snitch’. At trial, he claimed that the complainant had consented to sexual intercourse.

In October, again at the Inner London Crown Court, Nneka Prosecuted KSH who was accused of raping his cousin on her 12th birthday and on another occasion when her mother had asked him to babysit.

KSH was 17 years old  at the time of the offences and had Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. This case involved extensive medical evidence and legal arguments surrounding the admissibility of the defendant’s interviews with the police.

Most recently, Nneka prosecuted DH at the Snaresbrook Crown Court. DH was charged with the rape and assault by penetration of his biological daughter who was between the ages of 8 and 12 years. The crown’s case was that he had exploited contact arrangements in order to abuse his daughter. DH had long standing issues with substance misuse and had not been allowed to see the complainant for that reason. Having convinced her mother that he was rehabilitated, he sexually assaulted his daughter the first time she came to visit him. The assaults culminated in him raping her when she was 12 years old. The defendant absconded and left the jurisdiction during the proceedings; an application was then successfully made to proceed against him in his absence.

Nneka was instructed by Ade Olojo, Ciaran Cronin and Sandee Darvies of CPS London.

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