News 30th Oct 2020


Hare Court announces that today marks the last day of Steve Wall’s time with us, following his retirement and, at least for the next five years, Jonny Rees QC, will also be leaving us.

Steve Wall has been part of our clerking team for the last 44 years and 11 months and today marks his last day at work before he retires. Nobody has worked longer or harder for us and we are sad to lose him. His sense of loyalty, discretion and commitment has been a lesson to us all. But Steve is still young and retirement will offer him more time with the family he adores and to further attend to his writing and his work on and at the First World War battlefields. Good luck Steve and thank you so much from us all.

We are also to lose Jonathan Rees QC, although his loss to us will be temporary. At the end of July, Jonny was appointed as Director of Service Prosecutions, although that position at the MOD could not be announced until the Queen had given her approval to the appointment. That has now happened and Jonny will take up his new role on 2 November. It follows that today is also his last day in Chambers. We have been blessed by his membership of 2 Hare Court; there have been very few at the Bar who possess his enormous talent, his superb judgment or enjoy his reputation and, on a personal level, he has been a firm favourite to us all. So we will miss him terribly too. But the appointment gives Jonny the opportunity for a change in direction and for a host of new challenges in a leadership role. No doubt he will excel in that position, as he has in every other aspect of his professional life. The good news is that Jonny’s name will remain on our door and he will return to us at the end of his posting. Good luck Jonny.

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