News Public Prosecution 4th Jul 2019

Murder Convictions in Woolwich Fire case – Julia Faure Walker Prosecutes

Two men have been convicted of murder and causing grievous bodily harm with intent, after a 10-week trial at the Central Criminal Court.

In summary, on 6th September 2018, a house in Centurion Square, Woolwich, was set alight with petrol. A woman, asleep on the first floor, died of smoke inhalation. The two other occupants of the property suffered multiple bone fractures after jumping from a second floor window to escape the blaze.

The defendants were involved in local and county-lines supply of crack cocaine and heroin. An associate of theirs was linked to “K”, from whom police had previously seized crack cocaine and criminal cash. K used to live in the property targeted in the arson attack. The victims were K’s relatives; they were, in effect, caught in the crossfire of a drugs feud.

The prosecution case was built on painstaking analysis of CCTV footage from in the surrounding areas, combined with telephone call records and cell-site evidence. Numerous unregistered ‘phone numbers, some of which were also drugs lines, were attributed to individuals involved. Call-patterns and cell-site usage demonstrated the involvement of the defendants.

William Smith, 26, organised the attack. Elliott Robinson, 22, carried it out. They will be sentenced on 19th July 2019.

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Julia Faure Walker was led junior for the Crown, instructed by CPS Homicide.

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