News Criminal Defence 29th Apr 2019

David Whittaker QC and Gudrun Young successfully defend 17 year old boy charged with attempted murder in knife attack

Defendant ‘JA’ was one of four youths accused of having attempted to murder an innocent passer-by in a street in Oxford.  He was on his way home from the pub when he was approached by the group of four and asked if he had a cigarette.  When he said no he was stabbed eleven times and survived only due to the timely intervention of neighbours who happened to be student paramedics and were able to stabilised him until the ambulance arrived.

This incident followed a few minutes after the same group had approached a doctor travelling back from the John Radcliffe Hospital who was robbed and threatened with a knife.  ‘JA’ was acquitted of all charges following a four week trial at Oxford Crown Court.  Other defendants were convicted of attempted murder, causing grievous bodily harm with intent and robbery.

David Whittaker QC and Gudrun Young were instructed by Grant Ambridge of Murrays Partnership.

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