News Professional Discipline 25th Mar 2019

Andrew Colman Successfully Defends Vaser Liposelection™ Practitioner Facing 28 Allegations

Andrew Colman recently completed the successful defence of a highly experienced practitioner of Vaser liposelection™ (a form of liposuction) after a protracted 4-week hearing at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal in Manchester. The doctor faced 28 allegations, divided into well over 100 sub-heads, covering the treatment of three patients dating back as far as 2011 and assorted other matters. Of these, only 6 sub-heads were found to amount to misconduct and only two of those were held to be a basis for impaired fitness to practise. The Tribunal decided to take no action by way of sanction. This brought to an end an investigation that had begun as long ago as September of 2014.

In their determinations the Tribunal noted that the registrant was a co-founder of the British Association of Body Sculpting (BABS) which is an organisation formed to improve the standards of cosmetic surgery and described him as a capable GP who genuinely wishes to help patients.

Andrew was instructed by Sile O’Dowd and Sara Foster of The MDDUS.

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