News Public Prosecution 7th Mar 2019

Jonathan Rees QC and Will Martin Secure Conviction of 6 Men for ‘Monstrous’ Acid Attack on Toddler

The child sustained serious burns to his face and arm after sulphuric acid was sprayed at him as he and his mother looked for a birthday present in a busy shop in Worcester.

Following a 7-week trial at Worcester Crown Court, the jury unanimously convicted the three-year-old child’s father, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and his five co-conspirators, for plotting and carrying out the attack.

The father had enlisted the other men to organise and carry out the attack in a bid to manufacture evidence to discredit his estranged wife during an on-going custody battle.

The six men received sentences of between 16 and 12 years imprisonment.

In his sentencing remarks the judge described the crime as “monstrous”.

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