News Criminal Defence 21st Sep 2018

Fiona Robertson Successfully Appeals Firearm Sentence

Fiona Robertson successfully appealed her client’s term of 80 months’ imprisonment to 68 months’ imprisonment for two counts of aiding and abetting the transfer of a prohibited weapon. The appellant had been the ‘link man’ in the transfer of two 4mm hand guns and ammunition between his co-defendants. Telephone evidence linked the appellant to the parties at relevant times on the day of the transfer and proved he was present for a ‘dry run’ the week before. In reducing the sentence the Court of Appeal accepted the firearms supplied were at the lower end of the spectrum of seriousness in that they did not have the velocity of service firearms and the sentencing Judge had failed to have sufficient regard to this in applying the questions posed in Avis.

Fiona was instructed by Stuart McDonald of Hallinans, Blackburn, Gittings & Nott LLP.

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