News Public Prosecution 14th Aug 2018

Double Murderer Convicted

Brian O’Neill QC has secured the conviction of Gonzalo Andres Gomez Remolina for two brutally violent murders which took place in Clapham eleven years ago in June 2007.

Having carried out the killings the defendant, his brother and their girlfriends fled the country the following morning.

The four of them were international career criminals from Colombia who came to the UK in April 2007 to commit crime.

Together, with a local criminal of Colombian origin (Carlos Ayala Carmona) they began to carry out burglaries of wealthy properties across London. A violent dispute arose between them over the division of the spoils, culminating in the murders.

On the night of Tuesday 5th June 2007, just before midnight, Ayala Carmona and his friend Ruben Rodriguez Fuente were attacked and stabbed to death by the defendant and his brother in the block of flats where Ayala Carmona lived: he was stabbed 30 times, Rodriguez Fuente was stabbed 8 times.
The killers and their girlfriends fled to Madrid where this defendant’s brother was arrested later the same month and extradited to this country to stand his trial. He took his life in prison shortly before he was due to be tried; before doing so he served a defence statement blaming this defendant and another man for the murders.

This defendant remained at large until 2011 when he was arrested in Mexico. Having served his sentence there he was extradited to the UK in January of this year. In his defence statement he blamed his brother and another man for the murders.

Passing two life sentences Mr Justice Edis imposed two minimum terms of 33 years.

Brian was assisted at trial by Peter Ratliff of 6 KBW College Hill and instructed by Cath Carrie and Tanpinu Adebayo of the CPS Homicide Team.

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