News Criminal Defence 20th Apr 2018

Acid Attacker Cleared of Murdering Nurse

Following a 6 day trial, the murder charges against Brendan Kelly QC‘s client, 19 year old Xeneral Webster have been dropped.

Webster had been involved in a fight with two other male teenagers when he produced and opened a bottle of sulphuric acid. The substance was knocked out of his hand, spilling on nurse Joanne Rand who was sat nearby.

She was taken to hospital after the acid had spread onto four to five per cent of her body and was treated before being allowed home to recover. However, one of the corrosive burns became infected and she was admitted back into a specialist burns hospital. She deteriorated quickly and died of sepsis 11 days after initially being splashed.

Webster admitted manslaughter during his murder trial, which was accepted by the prosecution.

Brendan was instructed by Paul Cameron of Bark & Co.

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