News Criminal Defence 8th Jan 2018

Narita Bahra’s client Valentin Krzyzyk cleared of Sexual Assault after Police fail to hand over vital CCTV evidence

Narita Bahra‘s client, Valentin Krzyzyk has been cleared of sexually assaulting a woman in a Mayfair night club last year. The case was overturned following the release of vital CCTV evidence.

The case gained national coverage after the police failed to hand over vital security video footage until the first day of trial. The victim had alleged that she was hysterical and crying after the alleged assault, however the recording showed her continuing to drink and chat with friends. The footage, which was described as containing ‘nothing of interest’ by police ultimately led the jury to reach a ‘not guilty’ majority verdict.

Following the verdict, the judge, Mr Recorder Michael Bromley-Martin QC, ordered an inquiry into why no witnesses were available to be called on the first day. He also ordered a similar probe into the reasons behind the ‘reprehensible’ late service of footage. Both the CPS and Metropolitan Police were represented in court last week as they conceded there had been an ‘unnecessary or improper act or omission’ in respect of the first failure.

Krzyzyk claimed that the arrest and allegations had been a ‘huge trauma’. The case comes amid calls for anonymity for sex case accused after two high profile trials collapsed and another ended in acquittal following a failure by police and prosecutors failed to reveal evidence undermining complainants’ claims.

Narita was instructed by Sanjiv Bisnauthsing of Kayders Solicitors.

The case was covered widely in the national press, to read more about it, please click here.

Narita recently appeared for Sky News discussing the Liam Allen rape trial collapse, please click here to watch the footage.

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