News Criminal Defence 11th Sep 2017

Narita Bahra Discusses The NCA Intelligence-Sharing Scheme Blocking Sex Offenders Entering SE Asia on Sky News

Narita Bahra discusses the National Crime Agency intelligence-sharing scheme allowing countries in South East Asia to block access for known criminals and sex offenders.

More than 70 registered sex offenders from the UK have been refused entry to countries in South East Asia in the last two years.

The major campaign by the National Crime Agency (NCA) aims to stop known paedophiles abusing vulnerable children in a region long perceived as a destination of choice for sexual predators.

The NCA has revealed via Sky News that 34 registered British sex offenders have been refused access to the Philippines since their intelligence-sharing initiative was launched in 2015.

A further 18 were refused entry to Thailand, another 18 to Cambodia and two people to India, the most recent country to join the scheme.

Although Sexual Harm Prevention Orders can be issued by UK courts to remove a person’s passport for up to five years, this requires police to provide specific evidence the individual intends to carry out abuse.

In many cases, registered sex offenders in the UK are allowed to travel, but are required to notify their local police force of their plans in advance.

When such notifications are received, an assessment of that travel plan is carried out by a sex offender management officer.

If there is deemed to be potential for risk, that information is forwarded to the NCA, who in turn pass it on to the immigration authorities of partner countries.

More countries across the region are expected to sign up to the intelligence-sharing programme in the near future.

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