News Business Crime & Financial Services 30th May 2017

Tyrone Belger and Lewis MacDonald represent defendant accused of defrauding the Metropolitan Police

Tyrone Belger and Lewis MacDonald represent an ex-employee of the Metropolitan Police accused of defrauding the Met of six-figure sums. The prosecution allege that whilst working in a senior role in the Met’s procurement department the defendant awarded fake IT contracts to sham companies created by members of his family. His brother ran a parallel fraud in his role in the procurement department of an international company, again awarding what the prosecution allege to have been non-existent contracts to the same sham companies. It is alleged that the profits were then split between the defendants using a system of cash payments.

A key issue in the case has been the rigor of procurement procedures at the Metropolitan Police. The prosecution case is that the defendant took advantage of the large scale project he was in charge of, with a total budget of £19.2million, and less than rigorous procedures, to siphon off smaller amounts of money for the benefit of him and his family. The defence contend that in fact his actions were subject to scrutiny by multiple departments, and that contracts were awarded to the company offering the lowest quote in a bidding process that was largely outside of the defendant’s control. Both brothers argue that although contracts were awarded to members of their family, work was done and their respective employers received value for money.

All six defendants deny the charges against them. The trial continues at Guildford Crown Court.

Tyrone and Lewis are instructed by Stuart McDonald at Hallinan Blackburn Gittings & Nott LLP.

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