News Criminal Defence 22nd May 2017

Narita Bahra Secures Acquittal for a Holistic Healer Charged with Sexual Offences

Narita Bahra’s client ran a renowned Holistic Energy Healing Service. He contended that his holistic healing focused on all aspects of a person, not just the physical portion where ailments were most obvious. He sought to alleviate physical symptoms by using energy to address the imbalance in his client’s system.

Customers alleged serious sexual assaults during the course of a consultations. On the day of trial Narita persuaded the prosecution to offer no evidence against her client. The defence team had successfully obtained the email, what’s app and text messages between the complainants, client and other customers which enabled the defence to demonstrate that the complainant was unreliable. The Prosecution conceded that the material resulted in a necessary review of the evidence and resulted in the CPS conceding that there was no longer a realistic possibility of conviction. A Not Guilty verdict was entered.

Narita was instructed by Raj Veja at Veja & Co Solicitors.

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