News Business Crime & Financial Services 3rd Oct 2016

Brian O’Neill QC and Angus Bunyan Prosecute Bank Corruption Trial at Southwark CC

The trial has begun at Southwark Crown Court of David Mills and five others who face allegations of conspiracy to corrupt, money laundering and fraudulent trading arising out of events in the Impaired Assets department of HBoS’s Corporate Banking Division during the 2000s. The case is being prosecuted by Brian O’Neill QC and Angus Bunyan assisted by Hannah Willcocks and Rachel Naylor from 18 Red Lion Court.

The prosecution’s case is that two consultants, Mr Mills and Michael Bancroft, enjoyed a corrupt relationship with two bank employees, Lynden Scourfield and Mark Dobson, which enabled them to gain positions with ailing companies, charge huge fees for their services and take the companies over – all of this being financed by money from HBoS which was advanced to them by Mr Scourfield and Mr Dobson. The loss to HBoS is estimated to have been at least £245 million. The trial is expected to last for up to six months.

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