News Criminal Defence 12th Aug 2016

Narita Represents Ring Leader in Conspiracy to Supply Firearms

Narita Bahra acted for a ring leader in a conspiracy to supply firearms and ammunition to the UK criminal underworld.

The client’s five co defendants were tried earlier in the year and imprisoned for a total of 45 years. At the conclusion of this case the police investigation continued in order to identify another crucial unidentified individual in the conspiracy.

The crown alleged that unidentified individual was Narita’s client. It was alleged that whilst serving his sentence for possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life, he too was directing operations selling and distributing reactivated firearms and ammunition, from his prison cell using an unauthorised mobile telephone.

The gang the defendant was allegedly part of, was caught after two of its members, Aaron Murray and Uzair Patel, were found in a minicab in east London in June 2015 with a reactivated 9mm semi-automatic pistol.

It came to light that Murray had been buying the weapons and having them reactivated at a workshop run by former a Polish soldier whose expertise as a metalworker paired with his military background enabled him to make ammunition.

More than 40 guns were sourced within six months, including AK-47’s. Police have reported that only 8 reactivated firearms out the 40+ linked to the gang have been recovered, and an ongoing operation is underway to find the rest.

The case revolved around cell site and computer evidence. Experts on cyber crime were material in the case. Met police detective inspector James Hale said: “This was a complex investigation targeting criminals both inside and outside of prison”.

Narita was instructed by Birds solicitors.

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