News Criminal Defence 11th Jul 2016

Commercial Scale Cannabis Factory Bust

Narita Bahra was instructed to represent a client charged with managing an Industrial Cannabis factory within a disused Mill.

Police acted on a tip-off about a strong smell of cannabis and forced their way into the semi-derelict mill. The factory was described as “an industrial scale set-up” with four large rooms housing the cannabis plants. The 1,750 plant factory would have produced up to 85 kilos of cannabis for commercial sale, with a value of £600,000, Bradford Crown court heard.

Two men, illegal immigrants from Vietnam, were jailed following the discovery. They were provided with a phone and food, but were living in squalid conditions and were prevented from leaving the mill.

Narita’s client was arrested after the discovery, and the prosecution team described him as the organiser of the operation.

The prosecution case relied upon telephone and CCTV evidence which linked Narita’s client directly to the management of this operation.

The defence focused on challenging the expert evidence. The Crown offered no evidence on the first day of trial.

Narita was instructed by Conrad Libischer of Edward Duthie Solicitors.


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