News Private Prosecution 27th May 2016

Brian O’Neill QC Prosecutes Two Teenagers for Knife Murder

Brian O’Neill QC is prosecuting two teenagers for the murder of Shaquan Fearon in Brockley in September last year.  The youths who cannot be named for legal reasons were each aged 15 when the incident took place; both were armed with knives at the time.

Opening the prosecution at the Old Bailey this week, Brain said:

“Both of them were active and enthusiastic in the use of those weapons and their joint attack on Shaquan. In a bag carried by (defendant one) there were large kitchen knives, they then pursued their victims. Shaquan was cut and attacked and cornered by both boys.”

The court watched CCTV footage and stills that show the two teenagers pursue Shaquan and his friend, 18-year-old Junior Inneh. The first defendant pulled two knives from the Nike rucksack he was wearing, the court heard. He then backed Shaquan into a corner in the estate, where Shaquan lived in a flat with his mother. The jury heard the second defendant pursued Mr Inneh before running back.  Mr Inneh ran away before returning to try and help Shaquan. Shaquan suffered a fatal wound to the femoral artery near the groin. He was conscious when the London Ambulance Service arrived but suffered a cardiac arrest while still at the scene.

Brian described the act as a “senseless act of knife violence”.

Brian is instructed by the CPS London Homicide Unit.

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