News Professional Discipline 11th Dec 2015

Further finding of unacceptable professional conduct in Trojan Horse case

On 10th December, following a nine day hearing, a Professional Conduct Panel at the National College for Teaching & Leadership found and proved a number of allegations against Jahangir Akbar. Mr Akbar is a former Deputy Headmaster of Oldknow Academy, one of the schools at the centre of the Birmingham Trojan Horse case.

The allegations, which the Panel found amounted to unacceptable professional conduct and conduct likely to bring the profession into disrepute, included agreeing to allow an undue amount of religious influence into the education of the pupils thereby undermining respect and tolerance for other faiths and beliefs, dishonesty in relation to entries on the school’s central register, pressurising staff to write unauthorised cheques and attempting to prevent staff from reporting concerns to the authorities.

The case was presented by Christopher Gillespie instructed by Rachel Cooper of Nabarro LLP.

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