News Criminal Defence 7th Dec 2015

Narita Bahra and Harry Bentley Secure an Acquittal in the UK Revenge Attack Against the Followers of those who Burnt the Guru Granth Sahib in India

R v Rana [December 2015]

Narita Bahra leading Harry Bentley secured an unanimous acquittal for their client, who was one of seven defendants tried for Conspiracy to Commit Violent Disorder. The case was prosecuted by appointed Treasury Counsel, due to the sensitive religious, cultural and political aspects involved.

It was alleged that violence was planned as revenge in the United Kingdom as a direct retaliation against the followers of those who had desecrated the Sikh holy scriptures in Punjab, India previously over an eighteen month period. The defence team’s instruction of experts enabled the successful exclusion of damaging material. Their client’s case was distinct from all other co-defendants and therefore, involved exercising judgement and “nerves of steel” in the forensic analysis and presentation of the case.

Narita Bahra and Harry Bentley were instructed by Noble Solicitors.

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