News 17th Nov 2015

Findings of misconduct in first Birmingham Schools Trojan Horse case

An NCTL panel has found proved allegations against two teachers at Park View Academy, a maintained non-faith school, that they agreed to introduce an undue amount of religious education into the education of the pupils by focusing almost exclusively on Islam. Among the allegations proved against Akeel Ahmed and Inam Ulhaq Anwar was an allegation that during SRE lessons each had failed to teach Year 10 boys about contraception and HIV on the basis that sex should only take place during marriage.

The Panel found that by their actions each had undermined tolerance and respect for other faiths. Inam Anwar was also found to have participated in a “rigged” interview process to permit another party to the agreement to take up a Deputy Head Teacher post at a primary school, thereby depriving the children of the best candidate for the job. The Panel concluded in each case that the teacher’s conduct amounted to unacceptable professional conduct and conduct that was likely to bring the profession into disrepute.

The case was presented by Christopher Gillespie instructed by Rachel Cooper of Nabarro LLP.

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