News Private Prosecution 26th Jun 2015

Trevor Gibbon Fatally Stabs Neighbour in Two-Year Noise Row Revenge

Brian O’Neill QC  successfully prosecutes Trevor Gibbon for the murder of his next door neighbour, Alison Morrison. Opening the case Brian described Alison’s killing as “a planned, premeditated attack on an unarmed defenceless woman by an angry man who was out for revenge; this was murder, nothing less”.

Trevor Gibbon stabbed Alison Morrison 33 times before fleeing the scene in Harrow, north-west London. She named him as she lay dying in the street in December.

Frictions began between the two neighbours back in 2011 when Mrs Morrison, her husband Cedric and their teenage son moved next door to Gibbon and his partner. Gibbon complained about the noise from her son’s skateboard before embarking upon a long campaign of harassment. Mrs Morrison reported the harassment to the council and police and, in the days before she was killed, described in a written statement shown to the jury how “it got so bad” that she could not sleep properly and “felt it would never end”.

It is thought Gibbon’s motive was revenge, as the previous day had seen Alison win a restraining order against Gibbon over the two-year noise row.

Alison was making her way to work when Gibbon, armed with two knives, dragged her to the ground and repeatedly stabbed her in a ‘calm and calculated’ attack.

Brian told jurors: “That morning Trevor Gibbon was a very angry man. He may well have felt that Alison Morrison had gotten the better of him and had won their protracted dispute. He may well have felt the need for revenge as a result. And so he armed himself with not one, but two knives and drove off to wait for her as she made her way to the station. He attacked her, intending not merely to cause her really serious injury, but to kill her.”

Trevor Gibbon will be sentenced on Tuesday.

Brian was instructed by Punam Chopra of the CPS Homicide Team.

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