News Licensing 13th May 2015

Stage 1 Large Casino Licence Granted for Aspers in Southampton Royal Pier Development

Martin Heslop QC successfully secured a Stage 1 large casino licence for Aspers in Southampton this week.

Heslop has already obtained the licenses for Aspers in respect of the only 2 operating Large Casinos under the new legislation at Stratford, London and Milton Keynes. This success in obtaining the Stage 1 Licence large casino license, making the very first application under the new gaming legislation for casinos, will form the template of all other applications of this nature.

This success enables Aspers to move forward to Stage 2 of the licensing progress in expectation of obtaining from the Southampton Licensing Committee their third Large Casino License as part of a £500m development at the Royal Pier, which is due to open in 2021. The Royal Pier Waterfront development will include the large casino, as well as up to 50 shops, a hotel and 730 apartments. Aspers outbid other companies including GGV, Grosvenor and Kymeira.

Matt Tucker, chairman of Southampton City Council’s licensing committee, said it had been the “largest and most complex competition” for this type of licence, enabling the authority to “negotiate the best deal for the city”.

“The regeneration of the waterfront at Royal Pier and Mayflower Park has been a longstanding aspiration for the city.

“The casino will play a big part in making the redevelopment happen.”

Mr Tucker said the casino would create a minimum of 180 new jobs and £100,000 would be given to the council on the granting of the licence, with a further £150,000 on opening.

Martin was instructed by John Hagan of Harris Hagan Solicitors.

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