Sport in the UK has been the subject of increasing interest and demand since the hosting of significant sporting events in recent years, such as the Olympics in 2012, the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and the Rugby World Cup in 2015. It is now seen as a professional industry grossing c. £20bn and is set for further growth. Advancements in digital technologies and social media have created opportunities as well as challenges in this industry and will continue to influence it in the future.

The expansion of commercial opportunity has given rise to an ever increasing focus on the regulation of athletes, agents and clubs, anti-doping, and transparency in the practices of governing bodies.

Members at 2 Hare Court are instructed by a range of sports regulatory bodies and the individuals brought before them, to advise and act for them in the most high profile disciplinary proceedings. Cases have involved on- and off-field violence and disorder, doping, financial irregularity, match / race fixing and other corruption.

We also advise and represent individuals and clubs in related criminal proceedings, and medical / healthcare practitioners involved in the sports industry that are charged by their own medical regulators.

We were appointed to the London 2012 Pro-Bono panel, established to provide legal advice to Olympians and Paralympians during the London Games.

Members are currently instructed on behalf of both the Football Association and the Coroner in the Hillsborough inquest.