Criminal Prosecutions

Members of chambers have unrivalled experience in the prosecution of the highest profile cases brought before the courts in this country over the last 20 years, including: 

  • The News International phone hacking trials;
  • The prosecutions of high profile individuals such as Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce; Ali Dizaei; Jeffery Archer and Jonathan Aitken;
  • Terrorist cases including the Stock Exchange bomb plot, the IRA's bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton and of Canary Wharf, the Dirty Bomb plot, and the al Qa'eda "Heathrow bombers" airline plot;
  • Numerous honour killings, including the murders of Shafilea Ahmed, Banaz Mahmopod and Tulay Goren;
  • Various Official Secret Act cases including the prosecution of David Shayler;
  • Major frauds on behalf of the SFO and CPS Central Fraud group including a number of Ponzi frauds;
  • The Jill Dando case as well as numerous other high profile murder trials including the Saudi Prince who murdered his servant in a London hotel;
  • Various MPs and Members of the House of Lords in respect of fraudulent expenses claims;
  • The "Millionaire Muggers" (R v Gani & Others);
  • The Night Stalker case (R v Delroy Grant). 


In London members of chambers are counsel of choice for many branches of the Metropolitan Police's Specialist Crime and Operations Directorate, including cases investigated by the Homicide and Serious Crime Command, the Flying Squad, Trident, the Projects Team, the Central Task Force and the Kidnap Unit amongst others.  We regularly receive instructions from the CPS Complex Casework Unit (comprising Special Casework, and the Homicide and Rape and Serious Sexual Offence Unit), the Central Fraud Division, the Organised Crime Division, and the Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division, as well as at Borough level.

As part of our ongoing commitment to undertaking work for Government agencies, Chambers has established a team of specialist prosecutors, operating at all levels from the very junior to Queen's Counsel.  Members of the team who undertake prosecution work (typically as part of a mixed practice) also represent the CPS and the Attorney General in the Supreme Court (House of Lords) and in the Court of Appeal, as well as in the Administrative Court in related public law challenges. 

Our involvement in prosecution work extends to advice provided to Government departments and to the Treasury Solicitor, the intelligence agencies, to police services and to other prosecuting agencies (including the Serious Fraud Office, the Health and Safety Executive, the Environment Agency and various local authorities).  Many members of the team are SC or DV cleared.  Members of chambers are also highly experienced in the pre-charge preparation of long-running investigations (particularly commercial fraud) and in developing the strategy and in managing and running teams of investigators and lawyers.  Such cases frequently involve highly sensitive work and enquiries with consequent PII issues.  We have experience in dealing with restraint and confiscation proceedings under POCA. 

Amongst its current members Chambers presently boasts four from Treasury Counsel's Room, and seven former Treasury Counsel (three of whom served as First Senior Treasury Counsel).  We also can provide coverage at all levels of CPS grading and across all specialist prosecution lists. 

The prosecution team is led by Peter Wright QC and Sarah Przybylska. 

For further information on our prosecutions work, please contact our dedicated and experienced clerking team who can assist in the selection of counsel appropriate to any case.


Private Prosecutions

Increasingly, corporate and individual clients are seeking advice on whether bringing a private prosecution may be a suitable option for best protecting their interests, particularly in cases which also include parallel civil proceedings.   

It is no coincidence that such advice is being sought in a period of economic downturn when the Police, Crown Prosecution Service, Serious Fraud Office and other prosecuting authorities are suffering budgetary restraints. Private Prosecutions can offer clients closer involvement and control over decision making, a thorough degree of preparation and a more senior an experienced level of legal representation than may otherwise be provided by the public prosecution authorities.  

Whilst bringing such cases is not without difficulty, members of 2 Hare Court offer expertise in devising careful strategies, informed advice on prospects of success, and - importantly - on recovery of costs.  Amongst our number are several former prosecutors, including those who have acted as First Senior, Senior and Junior Treasury Counsel (barristers appointed by the Attorney General to prosecute the most serious and complex criminal cases to come before the courts). 

For more information please contact us.