Coroner's Inquests and Public Inquiries

Coroners' Inquests and Public Inquiries

2 Hare Court provides expert advice and representation in the full range of public inquiry and inquest work. Members of chambers have been instructed in the most significant cases of recent times including "Bloody Sunday", the 7th July London Bombings and the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko.

Coroners' Inquests

Members of the Inquest team provide the highest quality of advice and representation in coronial proceedings arising from, amongst others, fatal workplace accidents from construction sites to military training exercises, deaths in hospitals and other health care contexts, deaths in police and prison custody.

Our experience includes representing bereaved families and other interested parties such as corporate bodies and companies, hospitals and nursing homes as well as professionals and individuals. We also represent local authorities, the police and fire & rescue services. 

Our unparalleled expertise in Crime, Health and Safety, Professional Discipline and Court Martial proceedings ensure that we are not only able to protect our clients' interests during an inquest but, following its conclusion, provide continuity of representation and advice in any subsequent proceedings which arise as a consequence of a Coroner's findings.  

Public Inquiries

In addition to our expertise in coronial proceedings we have considerable experience in high profile public inquiries. We provide comprehensive advice and robust representation on behalf of core participants and witnesses as well as in respect of subsequent criminal prosecutions and regulatory or disciplinary proceedings.